Cabled Glasses Case

So this is actually my third attempt at a glasses case; my first one had a flap on top to keep the glasses in but it didn’t work very well, maybe it’s my style of knitting.
My second I tried to make a drawstring bag so they’d still stay in, well they stay in alright, it’s a pain to get the out.

This one is pretty basic, I’m not happy the other two didn’t work out but maybe I can work on it later.

Also sorry it took me forever to get done, my husband and I had our second anniversary recently as well as I have more than knitting projects going on. I’ve got TONS more projects so when I get tired of one I work on a different one. Which is one of the many reasons it’s taking so long. Plus I think I needed a small break from knitting, my fingers were getting pretty sore. Mainly this case is why, tiny needles + tight knitting = sore fingers.

IMG_0220 IMG_0221IMG_0222

What you need: US size 2 Double pointed needles
cable needle
tapestry needle
2 counters or knit counter or knit counter lite for ipod touch

Abbreviations: CO- Cast on
CN-Cable needle

CO 40, 10 on each needle

1-5 K1,P1
6-9 K6,P1,K6,P1,K6 repeat
10 K6,P1,Sl3 hold in back, K3, K3from CN,P1,K6 Repeat
11-17 repeat rows 6-9
18 Repeat row 10

Plain pattern for 7 rows
cable on the 8th

repeat this pattern until row 60 or until length of glasses

Finish with kitchener

If it seems too big or too small add or subtract 2 stitches, you have to have an even amount of stitches for the pattern to look right. Videos at the bottom, as always I’m here if you need help happy knitting!


Cable knitting

Knitting with Double Pointed Needles

Kitchener Stitch


This pattern is for private use only. Do not distribute or publish this pattern in any other form. If you like this pattern and would like to share please link to this blog.


Please do not make and sell this item.


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2 thoughts on “Cabled Glasses Case

  1. Love the pattern. I recommend using the magic loop method. It is much easier on the hands, and a lot easier than double pointed needles, for anything knitted in the round.

    • Anybody is welcome to use the magic loop, the only reason I don’t is that I’m still working on getting my magic loop to look right which is why it’s done with DPNs. But whatever is easiest for people making it by all means do what is more comfortable and thanks for letting others know that it’s easiest because I never even thought to try magic loop on this one, but like I said I’m still “new” to that method.

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