Elf ears headband

Ok so I love cosplay but I’m broke, I can’t afford the real stuff, I also love renaissance. At renaissance this year I bought a tail, yep a tail… I love it, after renaissance we stopped in at a few stores, I didn’t bother taking it off. I laughed so hard at some of the people, I noticed a few looking at me and when they realized I saw them they turned away very quickly lol. I want to make animal ears to match my tail, I found a pattern I like BUT I can’t find anything that matches my tail… So I thought in some anime I’ve seen characters with tails will have the furry ears OR elf like ears. So I searched and didn’t find any I like, I decided well why not try to make my own. So I did, now the color is not the right color for the ears, I don’t have any skin color. I also didn’t make a run to walmart or anywhere else that sells yarn. I’m going to make some to match my skin tone later.

Now please ignore my pictures, I had to take a picture of me wearing them, I HATE my pictures. But the only wig head I have has drawings on it (got it at goodwill) and also has a Darth Vader helmet on it. Yep I said Darth Vader, I was too lazy to get it off my shelf and use it plus the drawings are creepy.

Elf Ears Elf Ears 2

Elf Ears 3

Not good pictures I know, I had to take them myself on my ipod in the kitchen because it was night time and the other light made me orange. And the color of the ears blend with the wall in the second picture but you can kinda see it, it was the best I could do.
I used pink for this headband one but when I find a good color for the ears I’m going to make it brown to blend with my hair more. My renaissance costume has a circlet so I don’t want it to look like I’m wearing a headband too.

When you’re choosing the ear color find something that best matches your skin tone or you can be crazy and do some fun colors. The head band can match your hair or be any color you want. It’s all up to you and your tastes.

This is done in US terminology, abbreviations:
SC-Single Crochet
SC2tog-Single Crochet 2 together decrease
Sl-Slip stitch

Hook size I/9-5.50mm

row 1 Ch 11 SC in second CH from hook and across Ch 1 turn
row 2 SC in each stitch across
row 3 SC2tog SC across to last 2 SC, SC2tog
repeat these 3 rows until you only have 1 stitch remaining. finish off

Repeat a second time but instead of finishing Sl into the row below on this piece and first piece, begin SC edge skipping a stitch every 2 stitches. when you reach the bottom 2 SC in corner and SC across bottom Do Not Skip any on the bottom. 2 SC in the last, then repeat this side as the other side. Sl into the top and finish off. This attaches the two pieces and makes the ears sturdy and nicer.
Repeat for other ear. Weave in ends.

CH 70 or as many as you need to be stretchy enough to fit around your head and have an inch over lapping the other side. Ch 1 more then SC in second CH from hook and across to last 5 CHs. Ch 1 skip 1 CH, SC in last 4, finish off.
Sew a small button on the other side. weave in ends.

Put the headband on and pin ears where you want them, sew the ears facing the right way to the back of the headband, ears and headband need to be facing the right way.
Double the sewing to make sure it stays in place.

tie off and weave in the ends.

Put it on and be awesome!
I love these and can’t wait to wear them and not be looked at like I’m weird. Hope you enjoy my pattern! Happy Crocheting!


This pattern is for private use only. Do not distribute or publish this pattern in any other form. If you like this pattern and would like to share please link to this blog.

Please do not make and sell this item.

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