Minecraft Creeper

So I made this for my brother, sister in law and nephew, I mentioned this once before but after thinking about it I’ve decided it’d be best to just put it on here for free. Legally I don’t think I could sell it anyway, I must say they look good but this is the absolute hardest pattern I’ve ever made! It is well worth it for a gift for that family member that loves minecraft. I originally made it in gray because I didn’t have any green, and I made it with I love this yarn from hobby lobby which I HIGHLY recommend for this, the only other yarn I used is red heart and if you use it you must use smaller size needles! The only reason I have specific yarn suggestions with this pattern is because it worked out perfect with the I love this yarn, but with red heart it stretched too much and ended up looking lumpy. But my family liked it anyway, I didn’t use anything like cardboard to keep the shape because I wanted it to be a plushie and be hugable but if that’s not what you want you can get something to use for the shape.

IMG_0541 Creepers

I made them in 3 different sizes by changing the needle size, US 6, 4 and 3. US 6 is what I would recommend it was easier and turned out nicer with the I love this yarn.
I also do a slip stitch edge, that’s my choice and you don’t have to so you can knit or purl the rows, I use the slip stitch edging to make it easier to sew together.

US 6 knitting needles
I love this yarn in the green of your choice and in black.

Abbreviations: CO-Cast On
KW-Knit wise
PW-Purl wise
BO-Bind off
RS-Right side

Use green unless otherwise stated

Head pieces 1-4
CO 22
1) S1 PW K20 P1
2) S1 KW P20 K1
3-24) repeat rows 1-2

Head pieces 5-6
CO 18
1) S1 PW K16 P1
2)S1 KW P16 K1
3-24) Repeat rows 1-2

Duplicate stitch the face below to one of the 1-4 head pieces using the black yarn

Creeper face

Sew the head pieces together (1 to 5 to 2 to 6 to 1) making a square with the face on the front, sew piece 3 to top of the head. Do NOT sew piece 4 to head! Set head aside.

Pick up 22 stitches on RS of piece 4, 7 stitches from bottom
1)S1 PW K20 P1
2)S1 KW P20 K1
3-35) repeat rows 1-2

Repeat at 7 stitches from top for other piece

Pick up 10  stitches between first 2 body pieces on edge of head piece
1)S1 PW K8 P1
2)S1 KW P8 K1
3-35 repeat rows 1-2

Repeat on other side of head
Sew all pieces together forming a rectangle on the head piece, then sew the head piece to the bottom of the head, when almost sewn completely stuff it firm but not so firm it’s not soft. Finish sewing together and shape the head.

Bottom of body
CO 22
1) S1 PW K20 P1
2) S1 KW P20 K1
3-15) Repeat rows 1-2

Feet top (Pictures below to see what it should look like after all 4 are made)
Pick up 11 on edge of top Working with RS of feet facing the WS of Bottom of body. One RS should be facing up while the other facing down.
1) S1 PW K9 P1
2) S1 KW P9 K1
3-10) Repeat Rows 1-2

Repeat 3 more time 2 on front 2 on back

Edit: The feet top has been the hardest to explain and many people have said so, well my little brothers wanted creepers so since I’m already making them I figured I would take a couple of pictures of what it should look like when you’re done with the feet top. The feet back are picked up after this point.

Right side  Creeper Bottom Right side    Wrong Side   Creeper bottom wrong side

Feet Back (pictures below)
Pick up 11 stitches 2 rows from picked up stitches for feet top on the right side of bottom (hope that makes sense)
1) S1 PW K9 P1
2) S1 KW P9 K1
3-13) repeat rows 1-2 Change to Black on 13
14-16) repeat rows 1-2

Repeat 3 more times lined up with stitches from feet top

Edit: It’s a bit messy because of all the loose string but it shows a little of what you should have at the end of making all the feet backs, like I said it’s messy but it should help get the point across.

Creeper bottom with feet backs Creeper bottom with feet backs 2

Feet front and sides 12 pieces
CO 11
1)S1 PW K9 P1
2) S1 KW P9 K1
3-13) repeat rows 1-2 Change to Black on 13
14-16) repeat rows 1-2

Feet Bottom Using Black Only
CO 11
1) S1 PW K9 P1
2) S1 KW P9 K1
3-12) Repeat rows 1-2

Sew front and sides pieces to feet already attached, sew bottom of Body to rest of body stuffing firmly before completely sewing together. Sew bottom of Feet to rest of feet stuffing firmly before completely sewing together.

Weave in any ends.

It’s hard because of picking up so many stitches and lining them all up right plus it requires so many pieces it takes forever. But it works out well in my opinion and hopefully everyone will enjoy it! If you come across any problems please let me know and I’ll try to fix and help with what I can!


Inspired by Minecraft. I do not work for or have any connection to Minecraft. This pattern is for private use only. Do not distribute or publish this pattern in any other form. If you like this pattern and would like to share please link to this blog.

Please do not make and sell this item.

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18 thoughts on “Minecraft Creeper

  1. Hi there! I LOVE this pattern, as I have a Minecraft fan in my home :)Thank you for sharing it! I have gotten all the way to the feet now, and I am stumped! Please help! I don’t understand this part of the pattern. (Which is probably just my inability to read patterns, I am new to knitting.) This is where I am stuck: “Pick up 11 on edge of top Working with RS of feet facing the WS of Bottom of body. One RS should be facing up while the other facing down.” Does “top mean the very bottom edge of the front body piece? and is WS wrong side?

    • I had a hard time figuring out how to type it, “ws” does mean wrong side. You need to pick up stitches along the cast on and bind off edges, and you work them backwards to the bottom, this is where I get stumped trying to explain… Um… Ok the “v” shape (stockinette stitch) for the feet should be facing the opposite way, so the stockinette would be facing down but the feet stockinette would be facing up. Does that make sense? I hope this helps, if it does I might re write it. Just let me know if you need anymore help or if this made sense so I can fix the pattern. Happy knitting!

      • HI Sarah, I am having the same problem as Mandy. I have managed to follow the pattern as far as the feet top and I am also completely stumped! I have read and re-read the rest of the pattern and although I have been knitting for years I don’t know what to do next. I have done the piece for the bottom of the body. Do I pick up the 11 stitches on that or should I be picking them up from the actual body piece? I hope you can understand me!

      • I’m sorry I know it’s hard to understand it was hard to type, but you pick up on the bottom piece not the body, then when all 4 tops are made you pick up the back of the feet lined up with the tops. I hope that makes sense, it’s hard to explain on here. If you need anything else let me know.

  2. Thank you for sharing your pattern. (I have seven Minecraft fans under 12.). I used poly pellets for stuffing the feet. The second time I used rice in a nylon stocking. This was a great way to help it stand up. I also made a Minecraft zombie, which wasn’t so bad after going through your pattern. I especially wanted to thank you for putting this pattern out on behalf of my 10 year old grandson. He doesn’t go anywhere without a stuffed animal, usually a bear. He is high functioning, albeit, autistic and MInecraft is one of his escapes. He requested a red Creeper and it is much more acceptable to his brothers and peers than a teddy bear at his age.

    • Oh wow seven! I know you’ll be beat after making that many but I’m glad you’ll get plenty of use out of it! I love the idea of a minecraft zombie! I’m especially glad it’s a perfect fit for your grandson, I bet he’ll be the envy of all his friends now and it’ll be even better to tell them it was made just for him! Thank you for sharing with me everything that you’ve done with it!

    • If I sit down and focus strictly on the creeper it takes me 2 days maybe 3 tops, but I have a hard time focusing so sometimes it takes a week. I think it shouldn’t take too long to get it made, I think at the very least you should be able to get it done by Christmas.

  3. Hi Sarah, I had given up on the Creeper I was knitting until I have just gone back on to your web site and seen your wonderful photos. I now completely understand what you mean and can now complete it for my Granddaughter. Although a little late for Christmas I am sure she will love it. Once again thank you for your help and a Happy New Year to you.

  4. I have completed the head and now am totally stumped at the beginning of the body. Where am I picking up the 22 stitches, 7 stitched from the bottom of piece 4.
    Could you please explain.

  5. Hi Sarah,
    I’m making this for a friend, reading a pattern for the first time!
    The head has gone brilliantly, but I am confused around the body, how do I pick up 22 stitches if starting from 7 from the bottom? There will not be enough room to keep picking up the stitches?
    I’m just having trouble picturing how the pattern is forming at this stage.

    Any help for this beginner would be greatly appreciated!

    • Starting this as a beginner is pretty brave, but worse case if you can’t figure it out after I try to help you can probably make the pieces without picking up and just sew it on. To pick up stitches it is easier with a crochet hook but not impossible with needles, you go through the stitch wrap the yarn around the needle or hook and pull it back through the stitch creating a loop to knit through. The placement is 7 rows in basically you just putting the front a back a few away from the edge, you’re picking up 22 across so you start at the edge and pick up the same that you cast on for the head, the sides are just picking up in between the front and back pieces. Like I said worse case if it doesn’t make sense you can make them and sew them on, I hope this helped and good like. There might be a video on YouTube if you still need help, good luck and thank you for choosing my pattern!

      • Hi Sarah,
        Thanks for your reply, I did manage to get onto youtube and figure out picking up stitches, it was the placement that had me perplexed, because I was still thinking I was picking up along an edge, but 7 stitches along – I was thinking to get the 22 I may have to go off the side or around corners – very confused for a while!
        Your explanation is clear and I have finally clicked that I am picking up the 22, 7 rows in – not along the edge and 7 stitches up. I think the 7 rows, rather than stitches helped with that!

        I started the bottom and the feet in the meantime and things are going well! Thanks for the pattern, I’m having a lot of fun knitting this and nutting out how to read patterns along the way!

      • I am so glad to hear that you have it figured out and are enjoying it, thank you so much for choosing my pattern and I hope it helps you learn some new techniques for the next pattern you try! Good luck and happy knitting!

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