Easter bunnies

I made this pattern a few years ago, I never uploaded it and I gave away all the bunnies I made so I whipped out my knitting needles to make sure there were no problems (that I can find) and started working. Mine have no faces, you can embroider a face, use plastic pieces or whatever you want, I’m not good at embroidering faces and mine always look weird so I never worried about it. I think it’s cute even without the face but that’s just me.
I think it’s fairly simple but the ears make it a tad hard because it’s so tight, but the ears are cute because you can move them (I.e. have one up one bent or both up) add a ribbon to make the face and body take the right shape or just to add a pop of color.
I have a cat version I will add at some point but since Easter is only a little over a week away I thought this would be cute, of course you can use any color not just white, I made one in pink before. It’s up to you and the little ones you make it for, I made a brown one with a green ribbon for my youngest brother and a black one with a red and white ribbon for my other little brother (Georgia bulldogs fan) so there’s no limit to what you can do.




Abbreviations: K-Knit
KFB-knit front and back
Ssk-slip slip knit
K2tog-knit two together
S- slip
P2tog-purl two together
K3tog-knit three together
Co- cast on
Ssp – slip slip purl

Things needed:white yarn (I love this yarn is my first choice)
A set of five double pointed needles in US Size 3
Yarn sewing needle
Some ribbon

CO 8 divide evenly (2 on each)

Rows 1,3,5,7,9,11 are all knit (row 1 is your joining row)
2)KFB – 16 stitches
4)K1, KFB – 24 stitches
6)k2, KFB – 32 stitches
8)k3, KFB – 40 stitches
10)k4, KFB – 48 stitches
12)k5, KFB – 56 stitches

13-17) k
18) k41, make bobble on next stitch, k14
19-24) k
25-30) k1, ssk, k until 3 remain on the second needle, k2tog, k1.
Repeat for other two needles -32 stitches

31-33,35,37,38) k
34, 36, 39) k1, KFB, k until 3 remain on second needle, KFB, k2.
Repeat for other two needles – 44 stitches
40-43) k
44-49) repeat rows 25-30)
50) k1, ssk, k until 3 remain on second needle, k2tog, k1. K remaining stitches on last two needles

Stuff bunny

14 stitches should be left, this is where it gets hard and a little confusing.
You should have 3 stitches on the front two needles and 4 on the back two, (the bobble should be in the middle of the back two) take you working needle and slip the last stitch worked, then slip the first stitch on the front needle, then the next one on the back needle. Alternate slipping stitches on this needle until you have all from the first and last needle (should be 7 on your needle) repeat for other two needles on a different needle. You should have 2 needles with 7 stitches each, the head should be closed and look something like this.


1-14) S1 knit wise, k1, p1
15) ssk, k3, k2tog
16)ssp, p1, p2tog
Fasten off

Repeat for other ear.

You might have a tiny hole between the ears so take the yarn from the beginning of the second ear and put it under the upside down v in the middle of the ears, put yarn between the ears and take the yarn under the closest stitch to the middle of the head on the ears (confusing I know) pull through and tie a knot, hide the remaining yarn in the body. Here’s some pictures to maybe help you understand the hole.





Weave the yarn from the top of the ears down the side of the ear and hide the rest in the body, use the tail from cast on to sew up the tiny hole at the bottom. Hide any other yarn in the body, tie a ribbon tightly around the neck and make a bow. Embroider a face if you want and you’re done!

If there are any problems feel free to tell me, or if you need help don’t be afraid to ask, if you don’t know how to make a bobble the go to this link knitted bobble it’s how I learned. Hope everyone enjoys! Happy knitting!


This pattern is for private use only. Do not distribute or publish this pattern in any other form. If you like this pattern and would like to share please link to this blog.

Please do not make and sell this item.

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