Bunny Lovey

So here is my Bunny Lovey, I’m planning on making a second one with a different animal, I’m thinking kitty cat if you have any better ideas or something you would like me to come up with feel free to ask!

Major note! The blankets are made starting with the SAME color as the animal for a very important reason! The head/body are attached at the end and because of that you can make a huge mess of it (I always do) but because of the colors matching it hides the knots and the actual sewing, keep that in mind. If you have a good sewing technique that hides the yarn feel free to start it differently, or if you just want to start it differently it doesn’t matter because that’s what you want, this is just my reasoning! :)

I have 2 designs for my blanket, it is the same pattern but striped differently and it just gives you an idea on the cute potential this pattern has. If you’re new to crochet to stripe is easy when you slip to join you just pull the next row’s color for the slip stitch and tie the 2 colors in a knot, then you’re ready to continue the pattern! (Sounds confusing when I type it but it’s not)

100_0841 100_0837 

100_0840 100_0835

100_0839 100_0834

Abbreviations: US terms
MR- Magic Ring
SC- Single Crochet
SC2TOG- Single Crochet Two Together
CH- Chain
DC- Double Crochet
2SC- 2 single crochet in same space
2DC- 2 Double crochet in same space

Items needed:
Hooks – G/6 4.00mm and I/9 5.5mm
I love this yarn (very much so suggested but Red heart “love” might work)
Marker (or paper clip)
Yarn Needle

Pattern: Only blanket is made in the round, rest is done in a spiral. Use marker to keep track of first stitch.

Head (using G hook)
1) MR, ch1, sc 6 in MR
2) 2sc in each – 12stitches
3) sc, 2sc around – 18
4) repeat row 3 – 26
5-9) sc around
10) sc, sc2tog – 18
11) repeat row 10 – 12 (stuff head)
12) Sc2tog- 6
Finish off leaving a long tail

Embroider the eyes and nose or use plastic safety eyes and nose, I embroidered mine. Sew up the remaining 6 stitches and DO NOT cut tail

Ears – make 2 (using G hook)
1) MR, ch1, sc 4 in MR
2) sc, 2sc around – 6
4) sc 2, 2sc around – 8
5-8) sc
Finish off leaving a long tail

Sew ears to head, they seem a little weird I know but if you bend them a little you can make them cute

Arms – make 2 (using G hook)
1) MR, ch1, sc 6 in MR
2) 2sc around – 12
3-5) sc
6) sc, sc2tog – 8
7-12) sc
Finish off leaving a long tail

This is a little tricky, hold the arms where you want them or pin them in place, I held mine and put them on one at a time, it’s a pain right here…

Blanket – in the round (using I hook)
~Row 1 is the only row that the starting ch counts as first dc, I noticed a gap after row 1 if I continued to count it as my first dc~
1) MR, ch3, *dc, ch2* you should have 4 ch2 spaces, join
2) Ch2, dc to the ch2 space, **2dc, ch2, 2dc** repeat around, join
3-12) Repeat row 2 (you can make it bigger if you like)
finish off

Weave in any yarn, I work in my tags as I stripe so I only have the center and the end to weave in, it just makes it easier to me but do whatever works best for you!

Sew bunny on the blanket using the tail from the head, sew it good so it should stay in place with all the beatings it might get.

I love this pattern, I think it’s cute and like I said I plan on making a kitty cat unless I get tons of requests for something else! If you have any problems let me know and I’ll do my best to help! Happy Crocheting!!!


This pattern is for private use only. Do not distribute or publish this pattern in any other form. If you like this pattern and would like to share please link to this blog.

Please do not make and sell this item.

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10 thoughts on “Bunny Lovey

    • I don’t have kids either I just love making stuff for kids, I’ve seen these pretty small and a little bigger than mine. Mine is 12 inches x 12 inches, I would say at the largest 14×14 would be ok and I’ve seen some at babies r us that are 8×8, I wasn’t happy with the smaller ones but it depends on preference. I make the animals first so I can determine the size I like by holding them together. Hope that helps, happy crocheting!

  1. These are beautiful. If you ever do one with a dog on it I would be even more delighted. My little fella loves dogs 😊

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